Weekly Donut Social Hosted By The Knights

Donut, coffee and sometimes ice cream.

Every week, the Knight of Columbus and with the help of spouses, family and friends, host a donut and coffee social.

WHEN? After the 8am and 10am Sunday Mass at St Judes.

Join us for fellowship and fun. These calories are worth it!

Did you also say “ice cream”?

About once a month, we also host an ice cream social. This is after the noon mass at St Judes.

Why Donut Socials?

  1. Community Building: Donut socials can serve as a way to build a sense of community and fellowship among parishioners. After attending Mass together, people may gather to socialize, get to know each other better, and strengthen their bonds as members of the Catholic community.
  2. Hospitality and Welcoming: Offering a donut social can be a gesture of hospitality and a way to welcome newcomers or visitors to the church. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, encouraging people to stay and engage with others in a casual setting.
  3. Encouraging Interaction: Some churches may use donut socials as an opportunity to encourage interactions between different age groups or members from diverse backgrounds. Breaking bread together can lead to more relaxed conversations and interactions than during the formal setting of a Mass.
  4. Fundraising and Support: In certain cases, donut socials might be organized as fundraising events to support church activities, charitable causes, or other community initiatives. By providing a space for fellowship, it also offers a chance to raise funds for various projects.
  5. Celebrating Special Occasions: Donut socials might be organized to celebrate specific occasions, such as religious holidays, feast days, or the conclusion of significant events in the church calendar. It’s a way to mark these occasions with joy and togetherness.
  6. Encouraging Attendance: For some churches, hosting a donut social can serve as an incentive for people to attend Mass regularly. Knowing there will be a social gathering afterward can be a motivating factor for individuals and families to participate in the Sunday Mass.
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